Guideline No. AAC001
Purpose To clarify if there is a “Standard” pricing model that all AAs are expected to follow

The AA business model typically involves FIUs paying an AA, for the service of enabling delivery of citizen’s consent-backed data.

An AA may opt to also charge a citizen, for the service of being the consent manager of the citizen.

As per RBI Master Directions:

“Pricing of services will be in strict conformity with the internal guidelines adopted by the Account Aggregator which need to be transparent and available in public domain.”

However, there is no “Standard” monetary value or range of values that AAs are expected to follow.

Pricing is a subject matter of negotiation amongst market participants

Stage Finalised
Guideline No. AAC002
Purpose To clarify if FIPs are compensated for the FIP service

This is under discussion within the ecosystem.

Stage Under deliberation

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